Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition Now on EA Access

If you have an EA/Origin Access subscription, you can now play Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition there. You’ll get all the additional items that came in the package, including the Elite Weapon Set, different armors and outfits, a Pet Pyjak, skins for your Pathfinder, the games soundtrack, etc.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition Now on EA Access
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition Now on EA Access

I’m sure that you already know everything about the unfortunate tale of Mass Effect Andromeda. We’ve all seen the broken animations, and everybody and their mother talked about how shallow the game felt compared to the previous entries. As a result, I’m sure that a number of gamers decided to skip it. Well, if you have an EA Access or Origin Access subscription, you can play Andromeda. And that’s not even the base version; we’re talking the Deluxe Edition, with all the extra stuff it contains.

So, in short, this is pretty much the best moment to give Andromeda a spin, if you feel so inclined. And, if we’re being perfectly honest, it’s not that bad of a game; it’s OK in its own right. If you have nothing special in your backlog, and you’re in the mood for a new sci-fi RPG, it does the job. Plus, you’ll get all of the additional items. In case you need a reminder, let’s go through everything you’ll get in the Deluxe Edition, as listed on EA’s website:

Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set
Deep Space Explorer Armor
Scavenger Armor
Two Pathfinder casual outfits
Skins for your Nomad all-terrain vehicle
A Pet Pyjak
The Mass Effect: Andromeda digital soundtrack
Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack
Multiplayer Booster Pack

One thing that’s pretty important to note is that BioWare decided to stop supporting the title back in August, so don’t expect any content beyond this. At the very least, if you’re a huge Mass Effect fan, Andromeda might just tide you over until the Mass Effect: Annihilation novel comes out next June.

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