Classic DOOM Mod Introduces Loot Boxes Instead of Weapon Pickups

There’s a new mod for the classic 1993 DOOM. It replaces weapon pickups and certain powerups with loot boxes that drop them randomly. The only way to open said loot boxes is to collect keys, which drop from enemies once in a blue moon. Be prepared to use the starting pistol way more than you should be comfortable with.

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Classic DOOM Mod Introduces Loot Boxes Instead of Weapon Pickups
Classic DOOM Mod Introduces Loot Boxes Instead of Weapon Pickups
DOOM is one of the classics that everyone should play at least once. It’s a piece of history, to be sure. There’s no denying that it’s pretty dated, though. Luckily, a proactive modder created a mod that propels the old-school DOOM straight from 1993 to 2017. It’s called the Doom Loot Box Mod, and it’s the one thing that the game has been missing all these years.

So, how exactly does the mod work? Well, according to the post on the ZDoom forum: “Weapons and powerups are removed from the map, and will sometimes be replaced with crates. All enemies have a small chance of dropping a key. Use a key to open a crate and get a random weapon or powerup.” Now, worry not, the creator of the mod is not a monster. You can still pick up armor and ammo, including backpacks. But, yes, all weapons and items such as night-vision goggles can, indeed, only be found in loot boxes, as the name clearly implies.

Of course, loot boxes and keys are scarce. Who has the time or patience for that, I ask you? Instead, you should simply go to the in-game menu and visit the market. There, you can buy as many keys and loot boxes as you want! However, there seems to be some problem with the servers, since nobody can access the market. Oh well, I’m sure the developer will patch this out later. Also, there seem to be no emotes or skins, so that’s something to look into.

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