Mass Effect Andromeda Errors & Problems - How to fix technical issues

Mass Effect Andromeda is a vast game – it takes you across several planets, lets you explore, fight, make love to aliens and colonize a new star system. Sometimes, things don’t go down like they were supposed to. The has gone live in the past day, and people are already reporting various technical issues. Some of them area easy to fix with simple workarounds, while others are more serious. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all errors & problems in Mass Effect Andromeda, how to solve or avoid them.

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mass effect andromeda errors problems
Mass Effect Andromeda errors & problems

Mass Effect Andromeda controller issues

A lot of players have been complaining about having controller issues with the game. If you’re on Xbox One, and your gamepad stops working, turn it off using the home button. Use the same button to turn it on again, and it should work. PC players have also reported issues, especially those using the Dual Shock 4. If you’re one of them, make sure you install a program like DS4Windows, this should solve the problem.

Conversation wheel glitch in ME: Andromeda

Some people have reported the game automatically choosing whichever dialogue option was highlighted, without their input. This makes roleplaying extremely hard, since you can’t properly choose your answers in a conversation. Most of the reports came from PC players, and thankfully, restarting the game seems to fix the issue.

Mass Effect Andromeda crashes, freezes, framerate drops & performance issues

A lot of PC users are having trouble with the game’s performance. Framerate drops are really common, crashes and freezes as well. Even people with high-end machines haven’t been spared. The FPS can be easily increased by doing the following:

  • Turn down Ambient Occlusion to SSAO.
  • Turn down lightning to low.
  • If you’re using AMD, turn off Tesselation in the AMD Control Panel.
  • Turn SLI off, if you’re using it. The latest drivers are supposed to fix it, but for many people they do nothing.

Laggy mouse input in ME: Andromeda on PC

Some PC players have been having issues with the mouse being unresponsive. There are several things you could do to improve the situation, but there’s no guarantee they’ll work:

  • Turn Vsync off
  • Turn Triple Buffering off
  • Turn Mouse Smoothing off
  • Turn Aim Assist off

How to turn off motion blur in ME: Andromeda

There’s a lot of motion blur in Mass Effect Andromeda, and it can’t be switched off in the options. If it’s bothering you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the install directory. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect Andromeda
  2. Create a text document in the game’s folder.
  3. Rename it to user.cfg.
  4. Open it and copy the following into it: “WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0” (without the quotation marks)
  5. Save the file and run the game.

Black screen on startup

Once of the most common issues people are having is getting stuck at a black screen on startup. Thankfully, the solution is simple, and we’ve written about it in detail in our ME: Andromeda Black Screen on Startup Error guide.

Mass Effect Andromeda DirectX crash

A number of users are reporting the trial crashing roughly 5 minutes after character creation, along with a DirectX error message. Some have reported the following helped:

  • Reinstalling the graphics card drivers.
  • Reinstalling DirectX and VC++ Redist using the installers in the game directory.

Stuck in loading screen in ME: Andromeda multiplayer

Some people are reporting getting stuck in a loading screen in multiplayer. After all the players are ready, the game just become unresponsive. This probably comes down to connectivity issues. Hopefully the developers will fix this before launch, or at least provide at official workaround.

Can’t start ME: Andromeda trial before download is complete

According to the progress bar in the Origin client, the Mass Effect Andromeda trial should be playable as soon as 42% of the game has been downloaded. Some of the people who’ve tried playing it before the download was complete has reported it won’t start. Waiting for the download to finish is the only proper solution, but you could also try unplugging any peripherals you won’t use in the game (graphics tablet, for example).

Multiplayer audio bug in Mass Effect Andromeda

There are a lot of reports of audio not working well in multiplayer. According to the afflicted players, it’s as if the positional audio isn’t working – they can hear gunfire from every direction, enemy footsteps always sound closer than they are, teammate shouts come from the wrong places, etc. People are having these problems both on PC and Xbox One, but only in the multiplayer portion. There’s no way to fix it, so hopefully the devs will patch it.

Can’t buy Mass Effect Andromeda on Origin – Error 54005

A handful of customers have complained about being unable to buy ME: Andromeda from Origin. Using payment methods that are in order (a working PayPal account, or a valid card) resulted in error code 54005. Try canceling your preorder, then going through with the purchase once more. If this doesn’t work, contact Origin support.

Cannot cancel ME: Andromeda preorder on Origin

There have been reports of users being unable to cancel their preorders on Origin. If you’re having this issue, try using the browser instead of the client. Clear your cache before you do. If this doesn’t help, contact Origin support.

Mass Effect Andromeda trial not showing up in Origin

The free trial is available to all Origin Access users, as well as EA Access subscribers on Xbox One. Some PC players are having trouble finding it in their libraries. The trial doesn’t show up where it should for some. It’s most likely because it isn’t out in their region yet, but the support staff have said they’re looking into the problem.

ME Andromeda trial download progress resetting

Several Origin users have reported being unable to download the trial. They’ve said the download progress would reset at random intervals, making it impossible to get the game and try it out. If you’re being plagued by this issue, there’s not much you could do, apart from restarting your PC and router.

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