Mass Effect Andromeda How to Reset Skills & Respec

Respecing in Mass Effect Andromeda might come in useful. If you make a mistake while leveling your character, you’re gonna want to be able to fix that. The game lets you do so, but it does come at a price. In this guide, we’ll show you how to respec in Mass Effect Andromeda, how to reset skills.

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Mass Effect Andromeda How to Reset Skills & Respec
Mass Effect Andromeda How to Reset Skills & Respec

ME Andromeda – How to Respec Characters & Reset Skills

It happens to every RPG player. Either you invest skill points and later regret it, or you do so by mistake. Fortunately, Mass Effect Andromeda lets you fix that mistake by resseting character skills. Not only can you do so for the Ryder that you’re playing as, but you can also respec your companions to suit your play style as best as possible. However, it’s pretty costly, so don’t just go spending skill points willy-nilly.

You won’t be able to respec until you get aboard the tempest, though. In order to reset a character’s skills, head over to the Med Bay. It’s located on the same level as your quarters, down the corridor and to the left. As you go inside, you’ll notice a huge skeleton hologram on the left wall. That’s the Respec Station. Approach it and press Use. The game will then let you choose which character you want to respec. The first time you use it, it will cost 20 credits. Already the second use will cost you 520 credits, so make sure you have enough credits.

After you select which character you want to reset the skills off, they’ll be completely stripped of all the skill points they’ve had thus far. You’ll then be free to mix and match everything and adjust them to what you need.

Mass Effect Andromeda offers a whole slew of different skills and builds, as well as Pathfinder profiles. If you’re having trouble deciding which ones to pick, check out our Mass Effect Andromeda Best Starting Skills & Training Classes guide.

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    It wont let me respec charges me 20 credits vut i still have all skills from before

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