Mass Effect: Andromeda update 1.04 – what does it improve?

Mass Effect Andromeda has had a somewhat lukeworm reception so far. The 10-hour trial gave EA/Origin holders the opportunity to try the game out in early access. This probably caused more problems for Bioware than they expected. The reviews are also in, and they are not too shiny, either.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Cora Harper and Liam Kosta profiles
Liam Kosta is under a lot of criticism for being an uninspired sidekick.

As far as Internet outrage is concerned, there’s quite a bit of it going on regarding the facial and movement animations, mostly. The new update, 1.04, should address these as well, although it seems that the day one patch used in the early access trial actually makes the female Ryder face look worse. Hopefully this will also be covered, because it is quite weird to stare at poorly animated faces in a game that relies so much on storytelling.

Andromeda’s producer, Fernando Melo, states that the new update will fix sound issues in multiplayer that some players had issues with. Challenge issues should also be resolved. You may imagine how angry people used to trophy hunting. The patch is 2 GB in size, and those who have the retail edition will have to download it. The digital edition buyers will get it automatically.

TotalBiscuit has also noticed that the new GPU drivers managed to fix some of the issues he had performance wise. As you are probably aware, he generally sports a very powerful PC. This helps to punctuate performance issues which are software-based.

Another interesting thing about ME: Andromeda is that it was actually developed by a subsidiary of Bioware. The team actually never developed a whole game by themselves before. This might have caused some issues here, especially as Bioware did get the fans used to a certain level of quality.

The game has managed to excite a lot of people, but not all of them in a good way. Release date is March 21 in USA, and March 23 in Europe, on PC, PS4/PS4 Pro and Xbox One. Our guides list should keep everyone happy, glitches aside.


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