Mass Effect Andromeda How to Unlock Pets - Space Hamster & Pyjak

There are two pets you can get in Mass Effect Andromeda. These space animals can live aboard the Tempest, making it a more colorful place. The Pyjak monkey is available as a paid add-on (part of a special edition of the game), while the space hamster is obtainable through a quest. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock pets in Mass Effect Andromeda, where to find them on the Tempest.

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how to get pets in mass effect andromeda
How to get pets in ME: Andromeda

How to get Space Hamster in ME: Andromeda

To get the hamster, you’ll need to finish a short quest. Whenever you visit the Tempest, make sure you check out the garage on Deck 3. At some point, you’ll find some crumbs by the Nomad. Scane them, then look for another pile nearby. After scanning the second pile, you’ll get the blueprint for a humane trap.

Go to the R&D terminal and develop the trap (you’ll need 3 pieces of aluminum). Go back to the garage and set the trap. Leave the ship. When you come back, you’ll see a space hamster in the trap. You can choose to keep him as a pet, or release him on a random planet. If you keep him, the cage will be transported to your quarters.

How to get Pyjak in ME: Andromeda

The Pyjak is part of many special editions of the game. If you’ve bought this and don’t know how to get your items, check out our how to unlock preorder & deluxe edition bonuses guide.

Once you’ve installed your additional content, go to the Tempest and check your mail. A message about the Pyjak will await you. You’ll need to go to the docks and interact with a cage to have it delivered to your quarters. Like the hamster, it doesn’t really do anything, except sit there.

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