Mass Effect Andromeda How to Unlock Preorder & Deluxe Edition Bonuses

Mass Effect: Andromeda is very generous with its preorder bonuses. Whether you got the Standard, Deluxe or Super Deluxe version, you’ll have a lot of bonus items to help you on your way. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get preorder bonuses in Mass Effect Andromeda, as well as the items you get in the Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Where To Find Preorder & Deluxe Edition Bonuses
Mass Effect Andromeda Where To Find Preorder & Deluxe Bonuses

Where to find Preorder Bonus Items in ME Andromeda

Many players have been worried about their preorder bonuses, since they couldn’t access them during the ten-hour trial version of Mass Effect Andromeda. Don’t worry, they didn’t go anywhere, they just weren’t available during the trial period, apparently.

That being said, your bonus items won’t be available right of the bat. You first have to download them separately in Origin (and I suspect the same goes for finding add-ons on PlayStation and Xbone stores). Once you have them downloaded you can redeem them in the game. If you’re still having problems getting your items, try closing the game completely and restarting. That should fix the problem. You can access the items once you get the Tempest. This is still fairly early on in the game, so you won’t be missing out. Once on board your ship, go to your quarters and access the Special Delivery Cache on your desk to retrieve all of your bonus items. You’ll be able to use all of the single player bonuses immediately. As a side note, don’t get confused if the armor sets you get have only two pieces, it’s still the whole armor.

Unlocking your multiplayer bonuses requires one extra step. You simply need to enter the multiplayer, go to the store and then select Rewards. That’s where your multiplayer booster pack is waiting for you.

Pet Pyjak – How to Get It

This process is a little more complicated than the others are, but it’s still not too difficult. The first step is to go to your quarters on the Tempest and access your email terminal. You should have an email from Herik titled Pyjak. Acknowledge the email.

The second step is on the Nexus Docking Area, but you won’t be able to do it immediately. Instead, you’ll need to get into the Tempest and fly out of the Nexus. When you come back, you can activate the quest, and the game will show you a marker. Find the crate and examine it.

When you enter the Tempest next, you’ll get another quest marker that will lead you straight to your new ship companion. Pet the Pyjak to complete the quest.

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  1. D

    The pre-order items are all missing with the exception of the Nomad skin. Went to the Pathfinder’s quarters, retrieved them from the terminal, yet they are MIA.

  2. K

    Same here no rewards and I paid extra for deluxe.. What for?!

    1. A

      Hey I had to completely close Mass effect. Not just exit to main screen. Restart it up and the items were there. Good luck Pathfinder!

    2. J

      Xbox one> games & apps> mass effect (menu button)>manage game — install bonus/deluxe content here

      I had the same issue :/

  3. D

    Does anyone know of a BioWare forum for reporting issues?

  4. W

    Same for me. All I got at the email terminal was the nomad skins.

  5. S

    The pre-order bonuses (Deep Space Explorer Armour, Nomad skin, Multiplayer Booster Pack) are supposed to be included in the Deluxe Editions, even without pre-ordering. Can anyone confirm this?

  6. J
    Josh Fossaceca

    I’m having the same problem I think it because of resuming the save from the 10 hour trial hope they fix it

  7. B
    Ben Pfarr

    For anyone still having trouble you have to download it separately, I just found it under “Extra Content” on the PC version for Origin.

    1. K

      Downloaded it and still not showimg

  8. A

    To anyone having trouble retrieving their items. Try completely closing Mass effect. Not just exiting to main menu. Then restart it and hopefully your items are there. I had to do that, then I had them. Ofc download and install them first.

  9. Y

    I preorded the deluxe versin on PS4, downloaded it from the PS4 market place, and still cant access it

  10. S

    For Xbox One users. Go into your “My Games and Apps” and make sure they’re not in the “Ready to Install”. Found they were there waiting to be installed even after putting in the 25 digit code. Hope this helps!

  11. W

    I have it on xbox one, closed and opened several times and still nothing. I also continued from my 10 hour trial but seriously am annoyed I paid extra to recieve nothing.

    1. A

      I had to go back to the mass effect pre-order bonus and install it from the store page, then completely shut everything down and reloaded into the game. Then I got it. Hope this helps!

  12. D

    Im on ps4. Deluxe edition pre order. Went to multiplayer opened packs, went back to ship…nothing. Nada. Zilch. Closed it completely out, restarted…nothing, not even a special claims option in my quarters. Really pissed off. Any reasonable response will do.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Check your playstation store for the game and see if you have additional add-on content to download. IF you do, download it and then start the game – should see the rewards there.

  13. Y

    I’m an Xbox user and I’ve existed out to find out nothing (haven’t even played the trial) really mad I paid extra for nothing

  14. Y

    Correction, (if an Xbox user) go to “Games and apps” under “queue” look for recently installed, then go to your downloaded mass effect and tap the menu button. You’ll see a list of what is to be downloaded.

    1. S

      Thank you 🙂

  15. S

    Hey XBONE users, “Manage Games”–> “Mass Effect”—>”Ready to Install” —>”Install all”

    that is if you have used code. if not, use code then redo these steps

  16. S

    Correction, “Games and Apps” > “Games” > press “=” on Mass Effect > “Manage Game” > “Ready to Install” > “Install all”. Should fix your issues.

    Explore and thrive!

  17. S

    Ps4 user, special delivery cache next to email terminal.

  18. S
    Selena Danielle Starfire

    before people go off and jump on ea and bioware go to your games and apps and the picture of ME: A click the view button i believe it’s called and then go to manage game and you will find stuff to INSTALL *sighs*

  19. B

    If you’re on Xbox one go to the game in the games and apps and hit manage game and it should have the install items there

  20. D

    For ps4 user, I had this problem also, I restarted my game and ps4 no luck, and was getting frustrated. So I went back to square one (no I didn’t start a new game)
    I went to play station store, hit redeem codes, re put that 12 digit code and it let me re download the codes. (It had 2 files one 80mb the other preoder items 10mb) I don’t know if i just didn’t do it correctly the first time around. But it worked for me. Then I went to my game, went to the tempest, check new to SAM and the Email in Pathfinder Quarters and boom! There it was.
    Hopefully this helped

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