Mass Effect Andromeda to be Improved over Next Two Months

We can all agree that Mass Effect: Andromeda hasn’t launched in the best of shapes. The already infamous visual glitches and various other bugs, the character animation issues and dodgy writing are simply not on par with previous games. Bioware has promised that they’ll fix the many problems with patches over the course of two months.

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Mass Effect Andromeda to be Improved over Next Two Months
Mass Effect Andromeda to be Improved over Next Two Months

The first Mass Effect Andromeda patch goes live today. It’s the first in a series of patches that Bioware is working on in order to address Andromeda’s issues. The update is supposed to fix character appearances & lip sync, improve matchmaking, add more same-sex romances for the male Ryder and character customization options, and more. At least Bioware is listening to all of the fans that have stuck with the franchise despite the rocky state Andromeda launched in.

And don’t get me wrong, Andromeda is not a bad game at all. There’s a lot to do and explore. But it’s borderline unfinished; certainly very unpolished. Considering the huge buildup the game had, it left many expectant fans disappointed. It could’ve used a few more weeks or months for final touch-ups. It’s unusual for Bioware to release a product in this state; that’s almost EA and Ubisoft territory.

Fans haven’t received the promises all too well. As Polygon pointed out in their recent article, you could almost call Mass Effect Andromeda an early-access game that is selling for full price. All of the fans that are early adopters paid for an incomplete product. The issue here is that, by the time the game is fixed, it probably won’t be going for full price. Essentially, you’ll be able to buy the finished game for less money. And before you start complaining, yes, other big gaming companies pull the same shenanigans. It’s just not something typical for Bioware.

What’s your opinion on this issue? Tell us in the comments! And, if you’re having trouble with it, you can check out our list of Mass Effect Andromeda guides.

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