Persona 5 Ships Over 1.5 Million Units After Worldwide Release

Persona 5 finally got a worldwide release. Until April 4th, the game was only available in Japan. It started slightly lagging in sales, but that’s changed now that Western audiences have access to it. Recently, developer and publisher Atlus announced that Persona 5 has now reached over 1.5 million copies shipped.

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Persona 5 Ships Over 1.5 Million Units After Worldwide Release
Persona 5 Ships Over 1.5 Million Units After Worldwide Release

Persona 5 is the newest installment of the long-running series, which itself is an offshoot of an even longer-running series Shin Megami Tensei. The first Megami Tensei game released back in 1987, and the first Persona came out in 1996, so it’s been around for quite a while. The games are rightfully beloved, because they’re all held up to the same, high quality standards.

The same is apparently true for Persona 5. The game got a worldwide release on PS3 and PS4 on April 4th to rave reviews. Currently, it sits as the #3 highest-scoring PS4 game on Metacritic, just under GTA v and The Last of us Remastered. However, the game has been out in Japan since September 2016. The last time Atlus spoke about the game’s sales, according to Gematsu, was in October, a little over two weeks after the game launched. At that point, it had shipped 550.000 copies.

Now that the game is available worldwide, the number has gone up significantly. According to the latest announcement from Atlus, Persona 5 has shipped over 1.5 million copies. It’s pretty safe to assume that at least a third of those is thanks to the Western audience quickly picking it up. The number will surely rise even further thanks to the fantastic press the game’s been getting. Although the number of shipped copies doesn’t mean they’ll all sell, this is still an important milestone that this game, at least according to reviews, absolutely deserves.

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