Mass Effect Andromeda How to Increase Item Limit & Get More Weapon Slots

Item limit determines your inventory size in Mass Effect Andromeda. It dictates how many items you can carry in your backpack. Increasing it will allow you to put more stuff in your pockets. Your weapon slots determine how many weapons you can equip. Both can be increased, thankfully. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get more weapon slots & increase item limit in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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how to increase item limit get more weapon slots me andromeda
How to get more weapon slots in ME: Andromeda

How to increase inventory size in ME: Andromeda

You start of with a measly item limit of 50. It cannot be increase while you’re on Eos, the first post-tutorial planet. In order to expand, you’ll need to collect Andromeda Viablity Points by creating better environments across planets. You can use these to unlock the freezers on the Nexus and let out more colonists. As you do, you’ll unlock perks. The Trade Capacity perk, under the Commerce category, will increase your item limit.

How to get more weapon slots in ME: Andromeda

You start out with only three weapon slots – one for melee, and two for guns. This means you can carry three weapons onto the field. If you want to get more weapon slots, you can do so by obtaining additional holsters. This is done by investing skill points into the Combat Fitness skill tree. At rank 3, you can get your fourth holster, while at rank 5, you can grab another one.

Keep in mind that carrying more weapons will increase your skill recharge times, so you might not always want to gear up as much as possible. If you rely on active skills in combat, you might even want to pack as little heat as possible, and let your companions do the shooting.

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