Mass Effect Andromeda Kett Archon, Angara Race & More in the Newest Trailer

The second official cinematic Andromeda trailer offers some new answers. You’ll get to know the new bad guy called the Kett Archon, new Angara race, crew members Liam Kosta, Cora Harper and Kallo Jath. We get to see what it takes to survive in the depths of space.

At the start of the video, you get to see the possible new Earth. Habitat 7 is the name. The Tempest ship looks rather full this time. It is quite a sight to see it less empty than it was in the Tempest and Nomad trailer.

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20 000 souls drifting in the sea is not a situation that can be taken lightly. It brings a sense of responsibility for those people in cryo-sleep in Hyperion.

The appearance of the dark glowing matter oozing from space is something that might be an important part of the story. The video revolves around around it. Maybe this is the greatest threat in the game?

The Pathfinder team stops their journey in a part of the galaxy full of aliens. We are honored with a message from Kett Archon who offers us two solutions from his spaceship: to surrender or burn. Neither of them are nice, so the team chooses the third, to run. Shortly afterwards, they find themselves on a new planet.

Angara Race Mass Effect Andromeda
Thew new race – Angara

Scott Ryder is boldly confident in his intention to change the game Archon is playing. Since they are only explorers and not an army, they’ll need a cunning plan. Maybe landing on a specific spot, that got him detained by the new race, is a part of that decision? Thew new race, Angara, sure looks like a sympathetic group. The fact that they don’t shoot Scott on first sight tells something about them.

Andromeda Crew Members Mass Effect
Andromeda Mass Effect Crew Members

Nonetheless, the trailer ends with situations the crew has to deal with on that path. We see Krogan Drack’s strength, Cora Harper‘s romantic relationship with Scott Ryder, Peebee‘s adventures spirit and Liam Kosta‘s crisis response. Finally, let’s not forget about the Salarian Kallo Jath, who appears to be the ship’s pilot and female Turian Vetra.

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