Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad & Tempest Customization Info

Tempest and Nomad customization is something that is always interesting, ever since the first footage of these two vehicles popped up. With the latest teasers and showcases, we are finally a step closer to revealing the full details about vehicle customization in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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Vehicle Customization

In his interview for Game Informer, Mass Effect Andromeda’s creative director Mac Walters stated that there will definitely be ship customization. What specifically will be a part of the customization and to what degree will remains mostly unknown.

Several days after this interview, we got our hands on the first mainly vehicle-themed trailer – Tempest and Nomad Briefing. In this trailer, you can spot some extent of the customization options.

Tempest Customization Info

The Tempest is our main spaceship. It allows us to travel to distant planets and land on them. This is a light, stealthy and very fast ship, capable of speeds of 13 light years a day. The downside is the lack of a heavy armor or a main gun. The Tempest customization options also include the many rooms found within it.

  1. Research Room – Space for gathering acquired intel and samples, and working out their practical application in upgrading everything from weapons, to armor, to the Nomad’s scout rover.
  2. Tech and Bio Labs – This is where all the discoveries take place. With more exploration, we can expect that you’ll find those items collected and placed here.
  3. Meeting Room – The place where the crew gathers and video conferences with the nexus happen.
  4. Engineering Bay – Probably the room where you can expect the most changes to happen.
  5. Tempest Armory – Part of the ship where you shouldn’t play around.
  6. Med Bay – Area used as a dispensary and hospital.
  7. Cargo Bay – the Nomad is located here.
  8. Crew Quarters / Galley – Kitchen, sleeping quarters and more.
  9. Pathfinders Cabin – It is off limits to the general crew, unless invited.
  10. Bridge – This is where the navigation system is located. This is the area from where you can pick your next destination.

The general feeling regarding customization options of the Tempest revolves around the number of crew members, the research level and how deep we’ve progressed in the story. The full list of of the things you can change and improve around it is unknown, but you can expect it to be fairly noticeable, as the ship appears so empty in the trailer.

Nomad Customization Info

The Nomad is an all-terrain rover. It is our ground unit, used for exploring the planets. It is not completely indestructible. You can damage it with careless driving, heading into the storms and other hazardous weather and other elements.

The Nomad has twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells powering an element 0 core, independent suspension for each wheel, and interchangeable four- and six-wheel drive. The rear fuel injection boost gives some much-needed greater speed. It also lowers the vehicle a bit, making it capable to go through the tight spots. Helium-3 micro thrusters beneath the car allows the Nomad to “jump”.

We can expect to apply new customization options on the Nomad’s:

  1. Paint Jobs – They are able to be customized based on the surroundings.
  2. Thrusts – Upgrade the Boost containers to provide more boost fluid.
  3. Shields – Additional power cells can briefly generate a protective shield around the Nomad to protect the drive and the Nomad occupants when exiting the vehicle.
  4. Shield Blast – When the Nomad has lost its shield, in a last attempt to preserve integrity, the Shield power cells will discharge, causing an area-of-effect shockwave that will send nearby enemies flying.
  5. Life support – Provides more hazard resistance.
  6. Radar – Highlights enemies in the world.

The Nomad’s second most important purpose is scanning surroundings for valuable resources and deploying mining drones. Can we witness the need for having different, research drones used for particular resources?

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