Mass Effect Andromeda Naming The Dead Side Quest - Colonist Bodies Locations

Naming the Dead is an additional task in Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s a side quest that requires you to find and scan colonist bodies, then report back to the Nexus. These dead bodies are not marked on the map, and you’ll have to find them on your own. Once you go near one of them, you’ll hear one of your companions talking about it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Mass Effect Andromeda Naming The Dead quest, where to find colonist bodies.

me andromeda colonist bodies locations
ME: Andromeda colonist bodies locations

Where to find colonist bodies on Eos

The first three bodies are found in an area called Site 2: Resilience. This compound is located south from the spot where you land on Eos. Site 2 is also the area where you start the side quest called “The Secret Project”.

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Ylar Thysa, a deceased Asari, is on the platform that leads up to the entrance to the main settlement building. The deceased Turian called Trenitus Gordanus is next to the building, a bit north, in the dirt.

Porter M. West is just south from the Site. There is a narrow path approaching the Site from the northeast side. Just before you enter the compound, take a look to your left. There, on the sand, next to some foliage, is the dead body.

Anton T Darin is in the Kett Research Center. This center is located next to the main quest Monolith in the south, the one where you have to fight Kett and meet an interesting character. Anton is lying down on what seems like a medical table, just next to the terminal that is essential for the main quest. It is the same room where you can find a component for the “The Secret Project”.

Avante C Tegan is lying down in dirt, next to the road that goes by the landing point closest to the Monolith. He can be a bit hard to notice, as the desert sand covers some of his extremities.

The dead body of Amira S. Pavlov is found at the Monolith where you interact with Peebee, west from the main lake. This is where you have to decrypt the Remnant code. Look out for two ammo boxes, the colonist’s body is close to them.

The last body is at Site 1: Promise. It’s by the building next to the giant metal ring. When you scan it, you’ll learn it belonged to Theo J. Harwell.

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  1. S

    Problem on PC platform with Turian called Trenitus Gordanus. There is no trace of him, nowhere in the area. Glitched probably.

    1. C

      I’m having the same problem on xbox 1

    2. Z

      Same, anyone found it?

  2. C

    the number 2 you have up is missing for me but you seem to have missed the one at the first camp on the northern side west of your ships landing zone.

  3. C

    also you are missing more then just 1, there was another at the remnant vault you go to for peebee before the lake opens up. its the one west of the lake.

  4. J

    At the west tower there’s another, south west corner of the safe zone near an ammo box, not the last one though.

  5. M

    You’re missing 3 bodies they can all be found in the trial One is in site one Near where the NPC sells items after you return the second time time kind of close till the forward operating Center another is up by the forward operating center closest to the Second remanent tower under an awning The last was in the second remanent tower the one with the data pad and you’ll hear your characters sayfound another colonists when you kind of get to the center of it the body was hard to find but if you spend enough time looking around you’ll find it

    1. C

      Ya I’ve look at all of them you said but still no joy. Is the one at the 2nd monument one of the 3 body’s if so then the only one that’s in the pictures above and comments is the one at base 2 near the portable khet walls because that body isn’t there but I have an extra one south of base 2 just east of Main Lake.

  6. M

    Thank you though you did find the body that I was missing

  7. C

    you are wlecome

  8. D

    The last body you are missing is at Site 1 (Where you initially land the Tempest). He is located at the very back, under the cliff where you leave the pendant for the side quest and near Clancy if you have found him. He’s right beside a piece of scannable tech right on the ground.

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