Zelda BoTW Royal Recipe Side Quest - Hyrule Castle Cookbook Locations

Royal Recipe is a side quest in Zelda Breath of The Wild. In it, a man will ask you to look around Hyrule Castle in search of some cookbooks. The castle is fairly large, and the enemies there are tough – finding the recipes might not be as easy as you’d think. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete A Royal Recipe quest in Zelda Breath of The Wild.

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zelda breath of the wild hyrule castle recipe locations
A Royal Recipe quest in Zelda BoTW

Where to find recipes in Hyrule Castle

You can get the quest by talking to Gotter at the Riverside Stable in Central Hyrule. There are two recipes you can find in the castle. One of them ties into the A Parent’s Love quest – it’s for the cake you need to bake for the little girl. The problem isn’t only finding them, but also storing them. You can’t take them with you, so you either need to write down the ingredients or memorize them.

Fruitcake recipe

The fruitcake recipe is in the library. It’s on the lowest floor, on one of the large, wooden tables. The cake is said to enhance the ability to focus, which can help with things like ancient technology research. In order to make the cake, you’ll need to combine:

  • Two or more pieces of fruit
  • Tabantha wheat
  • Cane sugar

Monster cake recipe

The monster cake recipe is in also there, in the library. It’s on the top floor, on a fairly large lectern by the edge of the balcony. This dessert is said to cloud your head, motivating you to plan evil schemes. It’s the one you can use to help the concerned parents in Tarrey Town. The ingredients are similar to those of the previous cake, with one notable difference:

  • Monster extract
  • Tabantha wheat
  • Cane sugar
  • Goat butter