Mass Effect: Andromeda Steam Version, Dialogues, PC Controller Support

We’ve found a lot of new info about Mass Effect Andromeda in the various tweets from Michael Gamble and Ian S. Frazier in the laast couple of days. It feels like everyone is giddy about the reaveal of ME: Andromeda’s release date and can’t hide their excitement. We, for one, applause that kind of behavior.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Dialog Digital PC Version Siblings Preset Personalities PC Controller Options
Mass Effect Andromeda Steam Version, Dialogues, PC Controller Support

You won’t be seeing the digital PC version of the game on Steam. If you are not planning to buy a physical copy, be sure to make an Origin account, if you don’t have one already. Frazier also hinted that the physical copies will have the CD inside them, and not only the download codes.

Players can now also play without a keyboard & mouse on the PC. The new game offers full controller support.

It was once again confirmed that we won’t be playing Mass Effect: Andromeda on the Nintendo Switch. Michael Gamble had stated this in his interview for the Stevivor before, but it is now confirmed by Frazier as well. These are sad news for the players who plan on buying the new console.

One of the concerns about the game was the ratio of auto versus player driven dialogues. It is confirmed by Ian that there are many, many player driven dialogues with the classic wheel. This doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing auto-dialogues at all, as they are still present.

If you are wondering how different the siblings’ personalities are going to be, you can rest assured that it is something the designers were thinking of. Although each siblings has their own personality preset, you can role play them as you fit using the dialogue options .

It was also confirmed by Michael Gamble. He implied how important it was to them.

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    If not on steam. I”m going to pirate the shit of out it. Fuck origin.

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    La Choni del polígono

    i dont like to have 500 programs to play my games. Windows store, origin, gog, steam, uplay… It sucks. But i love Mass Effect and i’ll have to accept their politics to play this awsome game.

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