Mass Effect: Andromeda New Weapons, Planets and Aliens

The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer shows off new weapons, planets and aliens. This one was revealed at NVIDIA’s CES 2017 Keynote, on January 4th in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can see tons of new stuff in it, along with the new user interface, shown for the first time.

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The new planet environment is not exactly new – we’ve already seen glimpses of it. Our ship, the Tempest, goes through several layers of the planet’s atmosphere. This might lead us to the conclusion that this is not a small planet. On its way to this planet, Tempest goes past a vast number of asteroids. A little further into the trailer, we can spot two planets in the distance. One of them is a Saturn lookalike, with an asteroid ring around it. This part of the universe is definitely crowded.

New Planet Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda new planet

The next planet has slightly different scenery from the one we’ve landed on. This hostile planet is full of lava, and other unwelcoming elements. The character’s load-out makes it seem like this is a part of the planet meant for players around level 27. We are sent here on a mission to investigate a mysterious Remnant signal. One of the quest steps is to eliminate Remnant threats.

New Alien Mass Effect Andromeda
New aliens in ME Andromeda

New aliens come in the form of mechanized units – robots. We can spot the two-legged Assembler that doesn’t have a shield and goes down fast. It was on alert and went for cover, which is interesting AI behaviour. A more powerful version, called the Nullifier, comes shortly after. It has a giant shield in front of it. It seems like it is immune to fire damage and can be damaged most efficiently from close by. Next are the flying units called Observers. They have a shield around them, but it goes down rather quickly. The final one is the Destroyer. This mechanized four-leggeed unit seems to be the most powerful one. It comes at the end of the fight. It moves rather slowly, but it has two rapid fire turrets. Once you kill it, it explodes and releases the energy bound within it.

New Weapons Mass Effect Andromeda
ME: Andromeda weapons

There are also new weapons – some sort of grenade launcher and a rifle. Single grenade shots were enough to instantly kill the Assembler while it took more than one for the others. The quick-fire rifle was great for concentrated arrays of damage aimed at the Destroyer and its turret.

If you are in desperate need for more info, check out the latest ME: Andromeda screenshots. There are also some N7 2016 day screenshots you could look at.

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