Mass Effect Andromeda Path of A Hero - Where to Find Asari Reporter

Path of a Hero is a side quest in Mass Effect Andromeda. It involves talking to Keri T’Vessa, an asari journalist, after your every major exploit. She keeps moving around the Nexus, so finding her can be pretty tedious. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Mass Effect Path of a Hero side quest, where to find asari reporter.

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mass effect andromeda path of a hero side quest
Where to find asari reporter in ME: Andromeda

Where to find asari journalist on Nexus

After your success on Eos, you’ll find an email from a reporter asking to interview you. She’ll be waiting for you in Operations, by the large window. Talk to her about your experience.

Where to find Keri after Aya & Kadara

After you’ve visited Aya, Keri will ask for another interview. This time, she wants to know about the Angara. You’ll find her in the Nexus Common Area, on the terrace overlooking the Tempest’s landing pad. You can flirt with her, and she won’t mind if you’re already in a relationship with another character. You’ll find her in the same spot after you return from Kadara.

Where to find asari reporter at the docks

There will be no more emails from Keri for now – instead, her producer will contact you. There’s a bug here, and his mail doesn’t appear for some players. Just go to the docks and look for him.

He’ll tell you Keri was arrested, and you’ll have to go talk to her. She’s in one of the holding cells in Operations, on the north side. Simply talk to her to finish this step.

Keri T’Vessa location after Remnant City

This one is tricky – after you’re back from Khi Tasira, she’ll want to talk to you about your journey to the Remnant City. She’ll be in the Common Area, but not in her usual spot. The map marker is entirely useless here. You’ll find her on the balcony on the upper floor, overlooking the garden.

Where’s Keri after Meridian

The final interview happens after you’ve finished the main story. Depending on what you told her, she can be in one of two places. If you told her the truth, she’ll wait on the balcony of the upper floor of the Common Area, near the apartments. If you lied to her, she’ll be locked in her room.


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