Mass Effect: Andromeda and relationships: a Bioware standard

To say that the launch of ME: Andromeda has not been smooth would be an understatement. Numerous problems that have marred the release of the game were present from the early previews and the 10-hour trial. Mostly graphic-related glitches caused a furor and the reviews were not that great. Still, one thing seems to be working despite everything else being in a state of disrepair – the romance options.

Character Selecion ME Andromeda Multiplayer
No love for one of the oldest warriors in the galaxy. Shame.

Let us start with lists, here are the relationships for the male Ryder (S=Serious, C=Casual):

  • Avela Kjar (C)
  • Cora (S)
  • Gil (S/C)
  • Keri (C)
  • Peebee (S/C)
  • Reyes Vidal (S/C)
  • Vetra (S)

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And here are those for the femRyder:

  • Jaal (S)
  • Keri (C)
  • Liam (S)
  • Peebee (S/C)
  • Reyes Vidal (S/C)
  • Suvi (S)
  • Vetra (S)

As you can notice, some characters are into both the casual and the serious relationships. Bioware developers are notorious for their constant improvements to the formula and they are aiming for a more “realistic” approach to romancing characters. This means that you might be able to be a “player” and have several flings, but only one serious relationship. The list also begs the question: where is the Krogan romance I’ve been waiting for?

There is even a trophy out there, called the “Matchmaker”. It is a reward for romancing three different characters. Now, before you get your panties in a knot, remember that this does not require you to romance three characters in one playthrough. Those among us who have to get all the trophies will need to replay the game, it would appear. Which, at this moment does not seem that great a prospect. Here’s to hoping Andromeda gets patched properly and as soon as possible. In the meantime, check our guide list for all your Andromeda questions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is already out in USA. Europe launch date is tomorrow, March 23, and the game will be released on PC, PS4/PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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