Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Trophies - Where to find decorations for personal quarters

Tempest trophies are collectibles in Mass Effect Andromeda. They’re figurines and replicas you can use to decorate your personal quarters aboard the Tempest. They’ll let you customize your bedroom and make it more pleasant. Some can be purchased from vendors, while others have to be discovered in the wild. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest trophies, how to get them.

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me andromeda tempest trophies
Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest trophies

Tempest trophy locations in ME: Andromeda

There are 18 of them in total, and each represents a vehicle from the series. Here’s how to get them:

NameLocationHow to get
NormandyNexusFound in Alec Ryder’s room
CitadelNexusBought from General Merchant
Kett FlaghsipNexusBought from General Merchant
NexusNexusBought from General Merchant
NomadNexusBought from General Merchant
MWS FighterNexusObtained during Krogan Betrayal quest in Spender’s apartment
TempestTempestReward for completing Movie Night quest
HyperionEosFound in Eos Outpost once you’ve established it
Destiny AscensionElaadenFound near the bar in New Tuchanka, in the east
Angaran ShuttleAyaReward for completing A Trail of Hope quest
Remnant FighterAyaBought from General Merchant
Athabasca Class FreighterAyaFound in Aya Embassy once you’ve built it
Turian FrigateVoeldFound in Voeld Outpost
Kett ShutttleKadaraBought from General Merchant
MSW ShuttleKadaraFound in Kadara Outpost once you’ve established it
Alliance DreadnaughtKadaraFound above the clinic in Kadara Slums
MWS TransportKadaraFound in side room in Kadara Outpost
Kett FighterKadaraFound in Sloane’s chambers at Kadara Outpost
Remnant DerelictMeridianFound in epilogue, on Ryder’s desk

They’re a nice way to decorate what is essentially your home. While most of the figures are vehicles from Andromeda, Mass Effect veterans will notice a couple of familiar names in the list. It’s a nice way to pay homage to the original trilogy.



  1. A
    Andy Schneider

    You’re missing the model of the Normandy, which you’ll find in your father’s room on the Nexus.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I’ve added it to the list.

  2. M

    Can you help with the MWS Trasnport. I have searched the whole complex 3 times and don’t see it anywhere. Can you be a little more specific on its location

  3. T

    Can’t find the Hyperion model in the eos outpost

    1. S

      Neither can I. If anyone can help us it would me much appreciated

  4. S

    Ah I found it. It’s in the building with one guy and one room. It looks like a science bay on mine. The building only has one story

  5. T

    I found it now I’m just missing the mws transport

  6. H

    After doing a lot of research it looks like the MWA Transport is not actually in the game. It’s listing the the Prima guide is a mistake. That guide leaves out the Normandy which is what makes it 18 models.

    1. T

      It’s in the mass effect andromeda collectors edition guide

      1. H

        There are only 18 spots for the models. The MWA Transport makes it 19. I am holding the Collectors Edition guide in my hands now and it doesn’t list the Normandy as a Tempest Trophy but I now it’s in the game. The Transport is a misprint.

  7. T

    Can’t find the kett shuttle

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