Mass Effect Andromeda How to earn Apex Rating Points in Multiplayer

Apex rating is a number you can see in the multiplayer menu in Mass Effect Andromeda. It acts as a leaderboard, allowing you to compare yourself to other players. Some people are confused by the way it works. Namely, they don’t know whether they’re aiming for a low or high number, and how to earn Apex points. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to increase Apex rating in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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how to earn apex rating points me andromeda
How to earn Apex points in ME: Andromeda

How to earn Apex points in ME: Andromeda

In case it wasn’t obvious – you’re trying to increase the number in the top left corner. A bigger number is always a better number. That being said, you can increase your Apex rating by simply playing. Everything you do in multiplayer will give you Apex points – playing matches, completing challenges, unlocking weapons and leveling up. It’s a measure of how much time and effort you’ve poured into the multiplayer mode.

Not all MP matches are graded the same way – the better you perform, the more Apex points you’ll get. The game monitors the time your team takes to beat the map, how many deaths you’ve had, how many revives, how many enemies you’ve killed, how accurate you were, how many badges you’ve earned. Your every decision is being weighted before your score is modified after the match. Simply playing more won’t do you much good – you’ll have to get better at it.

We suspect it’s going to become a way to distinguish between casual and hardcore players. Anyone can level up a character by simply playing. But only through dedication can you raise your Apex rating. The upper eschelons of players on gold difficulty matches are probably going to use it to decide whether to let a new arrival play with them or kick them out.


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