Mass Effect Andromeda Ten New Screenshots

The release of Mass Effect: Andromeda is drawing ever closer. We now know that the game will come out on March 21st, so efficient marketing is now key. BioWare has released a new gameplay trailer at this year’s CES, as well as new screenshots for ME: Andromeda. The screens are nothing special, but BioWare has been holding the cards very close to the chest the whole time. There’ll probably be plenty surprises in the game itself.

Mass Effect Andromeda Ten New Screenshots
Mass Effect Andromeda Ten New Screenshots

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Screens

The first image shows the Tempest entering the atmosphere. The second one shows a wider shot of the planet itself, which appears to be a desert planet. The visuals are truly gorgeous and cinematic. Even though a desert planet is nothing revolutionary, the sheer beauty of the landscape calls to exploration.

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The following three images showcase a vista of a volcanic planet. They also include the use of the jetpack for softer landing and short bursts of flight. Again, a planet of volcanoes and lava is not exactly new, but the foreboding atmosphere is very much there. And it looks really impressive.

Next, we have three images showcasing combat. There’s flamethrowers, shields and battle robots. We can also see another use for the jetpack, namely getting out of sticky situations during a fight. You can get behind an enemy and get a better overview of the battlefield.

The final two screenshots show us more of the combat. We get a better look at the robot we’re fighting. However, the second one is more interesting, since it seems to show one of the squad members in the fray.

The screenshots are an excellent tease of what’s to come. They show little, but promise a lot. True, fighting big battle droids on volcanic planets is standard fare, but I think it’s enough to hint at the true potentials of ME: Andromeda. Don’t forget to clear your calendar on March 21st.

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