Metro Exodus Difficulty Settings Explained - Standard, Ranger

Metro Exodus difficulty settings allow you to finely tune the exeprience to suit your level of skill and the time you’re willing to spend. They’re a great way to make sure you either get the challenge you’re looking for, or avoid getting frustrated by repeating sections that are too hard for you. The good news is – they’re there, and there’s quite a few of them. The bad news is, the game doesn’t do a stellar job of explaining what each one of them entails. This guide will show you a list of all Metro Exodus difficulty settings, as well as what they mean.

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metro exodus difficulty settings
Metro Exodus Difficulty Settings Explained

Difficulty levels – standard, ranger

There are five difficulty settings in total – reader, easy, normal, hardcore and ranger hardcore. Reader is meant for people who don’t enjoy gunfighting; it’s for experiencing the story in a leasurely pace, with plenty of ammo and other resources. Easy is a bit more challenging, and seems to be meant for people who aren’t good at FPS games, but still like a challenge. There’s lots of ammo and health packs around, but it’s not a cakewalk.

Normal is the default setting, and it’s recommended for “regular FPS players”. If you pick that, you’ll have to watch your ammo count and be cautios during every fight. Hardcore is a setting for shooter veterans, with lots of challenge, dangerous enemies at every corner and scarce ammunition. It’s like the standard hard setting in most games.

This time there’s only one ranger difficulty, and it’s the hardcore ranger. It’s the ultimate challenge in Metro Exodus. It removes your targeting reticule, strips away a lot of the HUD and makes enemies more aware and skillful. It limits the amount of ammo you’ll find and makes your weapons degrade faster, while also making the crafting benches you can use to fix them few and far between.

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    Guess Im gonna go hardcore for 1st playthru…, the previous Metros were great on “hard” (atmosphere-wise and shoot-outs-wise.., besides not rushing thru them to fast.., redoing some situations make them more memorable..), … hope Metro Exodus is as well balanced as the previous on hard mode (suspenseful but not too frustrating)

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    I am such a noob can’t even go on in easy….

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