Metro Exodus Preorder Bonuses & Special Editions

Preorder bonuses and special editions of Metro Exodus are a bit of a mess, if you ask me. Especially the preorder bonuses. That said, the different special editions, few as they may be, are also kinda weird. So, here’s an article about Metro Exodus Preorder Bonuses & Special Editions, to hopefully help you decide where and what you want to preorder. If you want to preorder at all, of course.

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Metro Exodus Preorder Bonuses & Special Editions
Metro Exodus Preorder Bonuses & Special Editions

Preorder Bonuses for Metro Exodus

The preorder bonuses in Metro Exodus, as I’ve already said, is a bit confusing. There’s a whole needless tangle of various extra stuff across various platforms and stores, so bear with me here. Thank you for your patience.

Okay, first off, the preorder bonuses across different platforms. The PlayStation 4 version offers the most underwhelming one: a dynamic PS4 Dashboard theme. On PC, you get a digital artbook and the game’s soundtrack, and, if you preorder the physical version, you also get a “Creatures of Post-Apocalyptic Russia” poster. Last, and arguably the best, is the Xbox One preorder bonus: a digital code for Metro 2033 Redux.

Now for the different bonuses from stores. Preordering on Amazon grants you the digital Spartan Survival Guide, which will “prepare you for the unforgiving wilderness of post-apocalyptic Russia.” GameStop, on the other hand, offers an “exclusive Metro Exodus carabiner compass”. Incidentally, you can also pick up an Xbox One + Metro Exodus bundle off of GameStop for $500. The bundle is also available via the Microsoft store.

Metro Exodus Special Edition Bonus Content: Gold, Aurora, Spartan

So, the first Special Edition of Metro Exodus is the Gold Edition. You can only purchase this version of the game in digital format. The bundle includes the base game, as well as the Metro Exodus expansion pass, and the whole thing will set you back $85.

Then, we have the Aurora Limited Edition. This version is only available in physical format. The contents of this bundle are the base game and the expansion pass, like the Gold Edition, plus an artbook, a steelbook case, and a “bespoke Metal Case inspired by The Aurora.” The Aurora Limited Edition will cost you $90.

Last, and honestly kinda least, is the most expensive version, the Spartan Collector’s Edition. It costs $150, and it’s only available on it’s own section of the Metro website. The bundle includes a 10.5-inch Artyom Statue, a Spartan Order dog tag, Spartan Order patches, four collectible “Artyom’s Memories” postcards, all of that in “bespoke packaging” in the shape of a nuclear waste barrel. And no game. Yes, really; the most expensive version of Metro Exodus doesn’t include Metro Exodus. “Fortunately”, you can pair it with the Aurora Edition for a complete set, costs be damned.

Metro Exodus is coming out on February 15th. As you might have surmised by now, it’s coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, despite the whole controversy.

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