Shadow Of War Expansion Pass Content Detailed in New Trailer

The content of the Middle Earth Shadow Of War expansion pass have been detailed in a new trailer. The expansion pass, which you can buy separately or get with the Gold edition of the game, will feature new orc tribes and story expansions, with new characters and locations to visit.

Shadow Of War Expansion Pass Content Detailed in New Trailer
Shadow Of War Expansion Pass Content Detailed in New Trailer

Monolith Productions and WB Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer for Shadow Of War. In the video, they detail the content you’ll get if you purchase the Shadow of War Expansion Pass. It includes two new orc tribes and two story expansions.

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The first tribe is called the Slaughter Tribe. They are vicious and blood-thirsty, and have a tendency towards decorating their fortresses with bits and pieces of their slaughtered enemies. The tribe will arrive to the game some time in November 2017. Then, in December 2017, you’ll get the Outlaw Tribe. As their name suggests, they are on the fringes of orc society, so you can imagine what they’re like. One thing is for sure, you don’t wanna mess with them. Both tribes will be fully integrated into the Nemesis System, of course. They’ll likely add a lot to the game that way.

Then, we have the story expansions. The first one, which will come out in February 2018, is called Blade of Galadriel. You take on the role of Eltariel, who wields the light of Galadriel to fight off the orc menace. The second one, Desolation of Mordor, puts you in the role of Baranor, and you’ll be visiting a new region of Mordor, the Desert of Lithlad. This story expansion will come out in May of 2018. So, that’s what you’ll be getting in the Expansion Pass. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is enough bang for your buck. If you’ve purchased the Gold Edition of Shadow of War, you already have the Expansion Pass.

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