Destiny 2 PC Bans - Bungie Responds To The Issue

Bungie has responded to the Destiny 2 PC ban controversy. Players have been flooding forums, Reddit, and social networks with complaints of unjustified bans, possibly even for running overlay software, such as Discord. Bungie’s response on Reddit, though, tells a very different story.

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Destiny 2 PC Bans - Bungie Weighs In On The Issue
Destiny 2 PC Bans – Bungie Responds To The Issue

Anybody who has been paying attention to the PC launch of Destiny 2 got quite the earful of fans complaining about bans. As we’ve covered before, people have been getting bans all over the place. Nobody seemed to know why this was happening. The initial consensus was that there was a ban bot on the loose, booting everybody running overlay software. Later in the day, reports started coming in from people who tried with fresh Windows installations and ran only the game and, and still got banned. Everything was turning into a big mess, which is a shame, since the Destiny 2 PC release fared fairly well otherwise.

Now, however, Bungie has spoken up about the whole PC ban controversy on Reddit, and the story they tell is radically different. They do admit that they banned 400 players on PC, but the context is certainly not the same. For one, according to the post, Destiny 2 can’t ban you automatically. You can only get banned after a manual investigation. Also, Bungie didn’t issue any bans to people running performance tools and overlays (Discord, OBS, and the like); only players “players who were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game” got hit. Lastly, Bungie says that they’re overturning 4 bans from the PC Beta.

So, we get two massively different accounts of yesterday’s events. If Bungie’s statement is true, then we might be looking at a whole bunch of cheaters playing victims and creating chaos. If not, then Bungie is prepared to throw a lot of players under the bus to avoid bad PR. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure to keep you posted as the story develops.

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