Kamura Ticket Monster Hunter Rise

MH Rise Kamura Ticket is a crafting material that is a necessary component for the Medium Armor Set and Channeler Armor Set. However, the problem here is that you need to go a long way before you can start earning MHR Kamura Tickets. And even then, they’re not exactly the most common drop out there. That being the case, we’ve out together our Kamura Ticket Monster Hunter Rise guide to hopefully help you out.

kamura ticket monster hunter rise
Kamura Ticket Monster Hunter Rise

How to Get Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Tickets

To get Kamura Ticket in Monster Hunter Rise, the first order of business is to play through the game until you unlock five-star rank requests in the village. This happens only after you’ve defeated what is technically the final boss. Also, make sure to complete all the missions from Fugen The Elder, particularly “Overflowing with Furry Friends (Recruit 15 Buddies).” From then on, there’s a chance taht Fugen will give you some Kamura Tickets after each Village Quest or Rampage Quest. Basically, whenever you return to the village after going out into the wild, make sure to pay Fugen a visit. Talk to him if there’s a bubble above his head, and odds are he’ll have some Kamura Tickets for you.

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How to Use MH Rise Kamura Ticket

You use the Kamura Ticket in MH Rise to craft certain armor pieces and armor sets at the Smithy. This includes sets like Channeler and Medium, both regular and “S.” As for the individual pieces, well, we’re talking every single bit of the aforementioned sets. So, we’ve got Channeler’s Hair-tie, Channeler’s Robe, Channeler’s Hope, Channeler’s Obi, and Channeler’s Hakama (regular and S), as well as Medium’s Hair-tie, Medium’s Robe, Medium’s Prayer, Medium’s Obi, and Medium’s Hakama (regular and S). In other words, you’re gonna need a substantial amount of Kamura Tickets if you want to make either of these sets, or even just some individual pieces. In other words, make sure to visit Fugen regularly.

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