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Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell is a crafting material that you can gather and use to make a number of items, such as the Shell-Studded Armor. However, the issue of figuring out where to find Dreamshells in MHR can be a hard one. See, you can only really get it from one source, and it’s far from immediately obvious which. That being the case, we’ve put together our Dreamshell Monster Hunter Rise guide to help you out.

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dreamshell monster hunter rise Dreamshell Monster Hunter Rise

How to Get Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell

To get Dreamshells in MHR, you have to send some buddies on trade requests at The Argosy. If you haven’t unlocked the Argosy yet, just keep completing requests and push through the game until you get there. The ship’s all about trading rare items from far-flung edges of the world, so you’ll be visiting it every so often. However, it’s second function is letting you send your buddies on special missions to gather resources.

So, to get Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshells, talk to the Argosy’s representative, Rondine. Select “Order Items,” then “Trade Requests.” From there, you can navigate the menu easily and choose which market you want to send your buddy to. Every now and again, the game will notify you that your buddy can come back with some extra items. This may include Dreamshells. As far as we can tell, they drop largely from the Mushyroom Market, so make sure to have your envoy travel there. It’s a bit of an RNG thing, unfortunately, but oh well.

how to get monster hunter rise dreamshell
Dreamshells come from Argosy trade requests

That’s how you get Dreamshells in Monster Hunter Rise. It will probably take a few turns of going to the Mushyroom Market, but you’ll get it eventually. Getting enough to craft certain items, such as the Shell-Studded Armor, is gonna take even more time, but there’s not much you can do about that, sadly. All I can say is good luck, and may the RNG gods look upon you with favor.

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