MHR Deliver Rhenoplos Egg - Bunny Dango with Eggs - Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Bunny Dango with Eggs request requires you to deliver a Rhenoplos Egg to Yomogi. The issue here, of course, is that the game doesn’t lead you to their location; you have to figure out where to find a Rhenoplos Egg on your own. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult, all things consider. If you’re struggling with finding this particular item, then our MHR Deliver Rhenoplos Egg – Bunny Dango with Eggs – Monster Hunter Rise guide is the right place for you.

mhr deliver rhenoplos egg bunny dango with eggs monster hunter rise
MHR Deliver Rhenoplos Egg – Bunny Dango with Eggs – Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Rhenoplos Egg in Monster Hunter Rise – MHR Bunny Dango with Eggs

To find and Deliver Rhenoplos Egg in MHR for the Monster Hunter Rise Bunny Dango with Eggs request, you have to look for a Rhenoplos Den. You can find one of these in the Sandy Plains map. More specifically, it’s near the number 11 on the map, as you can see in the screenshots below. You need to look for it inside the ruins found in the center of the Sandy Plains Map. There’s a small tunnel that leads down and into the ruins. There, you’ll find a small pond and next to it, a petrified tree. The nest is by said tree.

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All there is to do at that point is to pick up the egg and lug it over to the supply box that you can find at the start of the Tour of the Plains “quest.” It’ll take some doing, but at least it’s more merciful than in Monster Hunter World. That game had a similar quest, with the extra twist of enemies constantly attacking you as you carry the heavy egg. In the MHR Rehnoplos Egg, there are no such problems. Just transport the egg to the box and plop it inside.

When that’s done, feel free to end your jaunt through the Sandy Plains and go back to the village. Go and talk to Yomogi the Chef to end the quest and get your rewards. That’s all there is to the Monster Hunter Rise Deliver Rhenoplos Egg quest, aka Bunny Dango with Eggs in MHR.

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