MHR Boatshells & Wisplanterns Locations for Submarine in Cultural Exchange

Wisplanterns and Boatshells in Monster Hunter Rise are resources that you’ll have to gather to complete the Cultural Exchange quest and unlock access to the Submarine. Seems simple enough. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter being the game that it is, it won’t tell you where to find these materials. To make things more interesting, the sources of Boatshells and Wisplanterns are not called that. It’s all a bit confusing. So, in our MHR Boatshells & Wisplanterns Locations for Submarine in Cultural Exchange guide, we’ll try to clear things up.

mhr boatshells & wisplanterns locations for submarine in cultural exchange
MHR Boatshells & Wisplanterns Locations for Submarine in Cultural Exchange

Where to Find Boatshells and Wisplanterns locations in Monster Hunter Rise Cultural Exchange for MHR Submarine

To find Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns and Boatshells to complete the Cultural Exchange quest and get the Submarine in MHR, you have to explore two different maps. Wisplanterns drop from Shimmering Red Berry plants, which grow all across the Shrine Ruins. As for Boatshells, you actually get those from Oysters. Where do you find those? Around the middle and the east of the Frost Islands. Both resources are relatively plentiful, if all over the place. Click on the screenshots below to see where to find them.

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So, why are you going through all of this trouble? Is finding Wisplanters and Boatshells worth it? Well, as we’ve said, gathering these resources is necessary to complete the Cultural Exchange quest. The reward you get for that is the Submarine. This allows you to pick a material you want farmed, and then send a Buddy on a mission to get the stuff for you. After completing a quest, you can always go back there and collect the goodies. This can cut out a lot of farming time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

That’s basically all you need to know about Boatshells & Wisplanterns in MHR, as well as how to complete the Cultural Exchange in Monster Hunter Rise and get the Submarine. It’s a bit of a chore, like all such quests, but the reward is worth it. Anything that lets one skip over some of the grind is always extremely welcome, as far as I’m concerned.

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