MHR Eroded Skeleton Locations

Eroded Skeleton is a crafting material you’ll need to create armor pieces and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. It is found in the Sandy Plains region of the game. You unlock this map by completing a three star quest. If you are looking to craft the Bone Set armor in MHR or upgrade your weapons a certain way then check out the locations of Eroded Skeleton in MH Rise bellow.

MHR Eroded Skeleton Locations in Monster Hunter Rise

MH Rise Eroded Skeleton Locations

Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise is located on Sandy Plains map. You need to loot Bonepiles and then you’ll have a chance of it dropping. Once you start an expedition on Sandy Plains you can go to the detailed map and then select the Bonepiles icon under the Materials 2 Icon List Selection. This shows the location of all bonepiles in Sandy Plains, but only if you completely revealed the map before. In case you didn’t then use our map bellow.

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monster hunter rise eroded skeleton locations map

Sandy Plains has two levels. There’s a cave to the north where Kulu-Ya-Ku is located. There are several bonepiles located inside this cave. However, you can find some above ground as well. Just watch out for the roaming monsters if you are going just for a material farming run. I’d concentrate my farming on the north. By now you should be comfortable with using wiredash abilities. This will get you to most bonepile locations. Below you will find a list of all armor pieces that require Eroded Skeleton as their crafting material.

Amor and Weapons that use Eroded Skeleton

Armor sets that require Eroded Skeleton are Barroth, Bone, Death Stench, Kulu, Melahoa, Rhopessa, Skull and Volvidon. Here’s a list of all pieces and how many Eroded Skeleton they need.

  • 2 for Barroth Greaves
  • 2 for Bone Helm
  • 1 for Bone Mail
  • 1 for Bone Vambraces
  • 2 for Bone Coil
  • 1 for Bone Greaves
  • 2 for Death Stench Brain
  • 2 for Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces
  • 1 for Melahoa Hat
  • 2 for Melahoa Folia
  • 3 for Rhopessa Brachia
  • 2 for Skull Visage
  • 2 for Volvidon Vambraces

Eroded Skeleton is basically the main ingredient for Bone Set look. It is no wonder it is required for Wyvern Bone Gunlance weapon crafting. Another Bone Set styled weapon you can craft is Jawblade I Great Sword. If you’re more of a Dual Blades person go for Wild Hatchets. Upgrading your Lance style a certain way will also require Eroded Skeleton material. You’ll need it for Alacrantze I, Longhorn Spear I and Ploshasta I. As you can see Eroded Skeleton is used in many crafting recipes and we wish you good luck in farming it in Sandy Plains.

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