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Dragonhusk Shard in Monster Hunter Rise is a material that you can gather, and it’s essential for, among other things, progressing your weapons in the Bone Tree. The question then becomes, where can I find dragon husk shards in MHR. Turns out, you simply have to look for it in very specific places. We’ll show you where they are in our MHR Dragonhusk Shard Location – Monster Hunter Rise guide.

mhr dragonhusk shard location monster hunter rise
MHR Dragonhusk Shard Location – Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Monster Hunter Rise Dragonhusk Shard Locations

To find Dragonhusk locations in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to explore the Bonepiles strewn about the Frost Islands map. I say strewn about, but as far as I can tell, there are about five places where the piles appear, and you can see them in the screenshot below (click or tap to expand it). To answer your question, no, you don’t get MHR dragon husk shards from Bonepiles in Shrine Ruins. You’ll have to progress through the one-star Village quests until you eventually unlock access to Frost Islands.

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monster hunter rise dragonhusk shard locations mhr where to find
Bonepile locations

In case you’re wondering why finding Dragonhusk shard locations in MHR are, well, you need them to progress weapons in the Bone Tree. So, is it one of the most crucial resources in the game? Well, that’ll depend entirely on your preferences, as well as your general current situation in the game. However, if you end up needing dragon husk shards in Monster Hunter Rise, now you know where to find them – search the Bonepiles in Frost Islands.

That’s basically all there is to it when it comes to MHR Dragonhusk Shard locations. If there’s something else giving you a headache, allow me to redirect you to our other Monster Hunter Rise guides. Among other guides, we’ve written Boatshells & Wisplanterns Locations for Submarine in Cultural Exchange, Deliver Rhenoplos Egg – Bunny Dango with Eggs, and Buddy Handler Iori Location.

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    I can’t remember which area I found it in, but I actually found Dragonhusk Shard in the Sandy Plains. Is that possible as well, or not really?

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      I found a Dragonhusk Shard in the Sandy Plains…

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