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Firelanterns are one of the first things you will be looking for in Monster Hunter Rise side quest Roly-Poly Lanterns. It is a special type of berry that can be found on the first map in the game. These are called account items and have a special section of their own on the map. Once you get a request or a delivery side quest for account items you can find them among these Special items. We’ll help you identify and locate Firelanterns in Shrine Ruins map of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern locations

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern locations – Shrine Ruins map

Easiest way to find Firelanterns is to be only on this delivery quest and their location should show up on your map as green circles. The problem usually arises if you have multiple quests. Other way of finding Firelanterns is to open the detailed map of Shrine Ruins and then select the Special Items section. From there choose the Shimmering Red Berry. These nodes drop Firelanterns. Usually they have Wisplantern, but during the delivery quest they will also produce Firelantern.

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MHR Firelanterns Roly Poly Lanterns Monster Hunter Rise locations map

Account items are automatically delivered as you pick them up. You don’t have to worry about going back to the quest giver. To reach some of them you’ll have to climb rock ridges and use wiredash abilities. Remember to hold down ZL and then press ZR to wiredash towards where you’re pointing. Use your canine friend to ride up climbable cliffs as well. Firelantern is a vermilion berry. Looks like a fireball from afar. You can check out our video showing how to reach some of these bellow.

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