MHR Lock on Target - Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise lock on target is a crucial mechanic that allows you to home in on your prey. If you don’t use the MH Rise lock on target system properly, you might find yourself swinging your weapon into nothing, while the monster winds up a devastating attack behind you. Since the system is pretty important, the game gives you several options to play around with. That said, in our MHR Lock on Target – Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll show you how to lock on monsters and more.

mhr lock on target monster hunter rise
MHR Lock on Target – Monster Hunter Rise

How to Lock on Target in Monster Hunter Rise

To lock on your target in Monster Hunter Rise, you first have to set up the camera to your preference. Open the pause menu, then select Options. Scroll down until you find Camera Style. There are three of these that you can choose between – Target Camera, Focus Camera, and Do Not Focus on Camera. The third option is of no help whatsoever when it comes to how to lock on target in MHR, so we’re going to disregard it for the purposes of this guide.

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As for the remaining two camera options, here’s how they work in terms of locking on target in MHR. The Focus camera follows the target you’ve selected in the upper right corner automatically. No matter how you position yourself, it will re-center to basically keep you on-target. It’s great for more casual players and beginners. On the other hand, Target Camera requires you to press the L button to snap it onto the monster selected in the upper right. This does allow for a better overview of the battlefield, or even switch between monsters.

One more thing we have to hammer on when it comes to Lock on Target in Monster Hunter Rise. For the system to work properly, you have to have the monster chosen in the upper right corner with the right analog stick. Besides, you’re already using to locate your prey, so… Also, you cannot use the MHR lock on target system on minor monsters, only major ones. So, you’ll always have to stay on your toes while targeting.

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