MHR Meaty Hide Locations - Slay Zamite - Sub Camp 1 Materials - Monster Hunter Rise

Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise is a crafting material that you can get from Zamites, and is necessary for making, for example, Barioth Armor. On top of that, you also have to slay Zamites in order to unlock the MHR Frost Islands Sub Camp 1. So, both of these points basically boil down to one question: where can I find Zamites in MH Rise. Well, keep reading our MHR Meaty Hide Locations – Slay Zamite – Sub Camp 1 Materials – Monster Hunter Rise guide to find out!

mhr meaty hide locations slay zamite sub camp 1 materials monster hunter rise
MHR Meaty Hide Locations – Slay Zamite – Sub Camp 1 Materials – Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

To find Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to farm Zamites. These shark-like creatures spawn in several locations on the Frost Islands map. Specifically, they appear around number 11, number 7, number 5, and number 8. You can see exactly where to find Zamites and MHR meaty hide locations, as well as what Zamites look like, in the images below. Why are you looking for these creatures in the first place? Well, for one, you need Meaty Hides to craft Barioth armor. Aside from that, hunting Zamites is a requirement for unlocking Frost Islands Sub Camp 1. Which brings me to our next topic for this guide…

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Slay 8 Zamite – Unlock Frost Islands Sub Camp 1

Slay 8 Zamite is a requirement in the Frost Islands Sub-Camp Security quest, given to you by Kagero the Merchant. The summary simply states “Please secure the area so that we may set up a sub-camp in the Frost Islands.” As you’ve probably already surmised, this quest unlocks Frost Islands Sub-camp 1. How do you do that? By going around the map and killing Zamites. Once more for the cheap seats in the back – Zamites appear all around the Frost Islands map, chiefly around numbers 5, 7, 8 and 11. Consult the images above to see where you can find them. Plus, while you’re at it, you can get a decent supply of MHR Meaty Hides, so that’s neat.

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