MHR Twisted Remains Location Monster Hunter Rise

Twisted Remains is a rare material you need to craft new weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise. It is found in the first map of the game Shrine Ruins. It is found in Bonepiles around the map and it will take a few farming runs to gather enough to craft everything you want. To be able to see all the bonepile locations in Shrine Ruins you’ll have to reveal the whole map. In case you just want to have access to the map of Twisted Remain Locations in Monster Hunter Rise look no further.

MHR Twisted Remains Location Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Twisted Remains Locations

Twisted Remains are harvested from Bonepiles along with some other important crafting materials. Most nodes are located in the central part of Shrine Ruins. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find them there because you have to reach high up places. Use your palamute to climb up walls and then wiredash when no other option remains to reach the tops of rock ridges. You’ll get a chance to collect some Monster Bone S along the way so it is a worthy farming route. Here’s a map of all Bonepiles that can contain Twisted Remains in MH Rise.

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mhr twisted remains location map monster hunter rise

Craftable armor and weapons with Twisted Remains

There are several armor pieces and weapon upgrades that require Twisted Remains in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are Bone Set styled, while armor sets that require the Twisted Remains the most are Bnahabra and Melahoa. Here’s a list of all items requiring this material

  • 2 for Arzuros Coil
  • 3 for Bishaten Vambraces
  • 2 for Bnahabra Hat
  • 2 for Bnahabra Boots
  • 2 for Death Stench Grip
  • 2 for Lagombi Greaves
  • 1 for Melahoa Jacket
  • 1 for Melahoa Roots
  • 1 for Rhopessa Elytra
  • 2 for Bone Horn II (weapon)
  • 2 for Bone Kukri II (weapon)
  • 3 for Bone Scythe I (weapon)
  • 1 for Bone Strongarm II (weapon)
  • 3 for Hard Bone Lance (weapon)
  • 3 for Serrated Jaw II (weapon)
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    Make sure if you’re farming on expedition that it’s a low rank and not high rank. High rank weapon I was looking to forge used twisted remains and realized you can only find them on low rank shrine ruins.

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