MHR Warm Pelt Locations - Sub Camp 2 Materials - Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Warm Pelts are a crafting material that you can use to make several different in-game items. On top of that, it’s a necessary resource to unlock the MHR Frost Islands Sub-camp 2. The problem, though, is where to find MH Rise Warm Pelts. As far as we can tell, they only drop from one specific animal. So, if you’re having trouble obtaining this material, our MHR Warm Pelt Locations – Sub Camp 2 Materials – Monster Hunter Rise guide is the right place to be.

mhr warm pelt locations sub camp 2 materials monster hunter rise
MHR Warm Pelt Locations – Sub Camp 2 Materials – Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Warm Pelt Locations in Monster Hunter Rise

To find Warm Pelt locations in MH Rise, you have to look for kelbis in the northwest and northeast corners of Shrine Ruins. Specifically, they seem to congregate largely in the vicinity of numbers 11 and 13. They kinda sorta look like goats, but also a bit like wolves. You can see what they look like and where they tend to appear in the images below. Aside from Monster Hunter Rise Warm Pelts, they also drop Kelbi Horns and White Livers. Just so you know what else you can farm from them. Incidentally, they usually appear in groups of three, and are really not hard to bring down.

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MHR Unlock Frost Islands Sub Camp 2 Materials

To unlock Frost Islands Sub-camp 2 in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to get specific materials. Well, you first have to get the appropriate quest from Kagero the Merchant. It’s called “Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials,” so it’s pretty difficult to miss. The materials you have to gather are two Warm Pelts and four Monster Bone S. The latter is truly not that big of a deal; the pelts, however, are a different matter. As we’ve explained above, you can only get those from kelbis, in the northern corners of Shrine Ruins. So, go ahead and consult the images above if you need assistance in finding MHR warm pelt locations.

monster hunter rise sub camp 2 materials how to unlock
Frost Islands Sub-camp 2 materials
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