Mighty Bow Feather - Barioth, Rajang, Hunter King, Ace Hunter Coins MH Rise

MH Rise Mighty Bow Feather is an armor piece in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a helmet that gives you the Bow Charge Plus skill, which increases your max bow charge level by one. In order to craft it, you’ll need two Ace Hunter coins, three Hunter King coins, three Rajang coins and two Barioth coins. If you’re wondering how to get those coins, our MH Rise Mighty Bow Feather guide will explain everything.

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mighty bow feather mh rise barioth rajang hunter king ace hunter coins
Mighty Bow Feather – Barioth, Rajang, Hunter King, Ace Hunter Coins MH Rise

How to get Mighty Bow Feather

The only way to obtain the Mighty Bow Feather is by crafting it. In order to do that, you’ll need a bunch of different materials. Here’s a full list of what you’ll have to gather:

  • Ace Hunter coin x2
  • Hunter King coin x3
  • Rajang coin x3
  • Barioth coin x2

You’ll also have to pay 9000 zenny to the blacksmith for the service. You can get all of the coins from arena challenges. If you don’t have a specific arena challenge, you’ll have to face its target in a High Rank expedition or quest for it to unlock.

How to get Barioth & Hunter King Coin

You can get both of these coins from the Arena 04 challenge, in which you hunt a Barioth. You can also get the Hunter King coin from this fight fairly easily, although other quests no doubt drop it as well.

How to get Rajang & Ace Hunter Coin

To get these coins, you’ll have to complete the Arena 05 quest, in which you face a Rajang. The Ace Hunter has a high chance of dropping from this quest, but it’s not the only one that offers it. The description says it’s offered to hunters “at the pinnacle of their field”, so it makes sense it’s easiet to get it from the hardest quest.

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