Monster Hunter Rise Palico Best Support Type - Can You Change it Later

Monster Hunter Rise Palicos are assistants that will devoutly follow you on your hunts and adventures. In this game, there’s several different type of Palico support “classes,” all of which have a different kind of specialty. So, depending on the hunt and other factors, you might need a different type of Palico at your side. With that in mind, in our Monster Hunter Rise Palico Best Support Type – Can You Change it Later guide, we’ll show you the system works.

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monster hunter rise palico best support type can you change it later
Monster Hunter Rise Palico Best Support Type – Can You Change it Later

Can You Change Palico Support Type After Character Creation in Monster Hunter Rise

No, you can’t change your Palico support type in Monster Hunter Rise after the character creation screen. However, what you can do is essentially rent out other Palicos depending on your needs. All you need to do is go to the Buddy Plaza and the Buddy Scout facility. There, you can browse between available buddies, and pick those that you want to either take with you, or send Palico on different missions to do your dirty work. The game even lets you set preferences, making the act of sifting through potential helpers easier. Just be mindful of your Buddy limit and plan your party accordingly.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Palico Support Type

The best Palico support type in Monster Hunter Rise depends entirely on what your current needs and preferences might be. Depending on the hunt you’re going on, and your current build, you might need extra healing, or perhaps somebody throwing bombs, or someone to fight by your side. So, here’s a list of all support types and what they do, according to the game.

  • Healer – A support type that focuses on recovery moves. Uses healing to keep hunters in tip-top fighting shape.
  • Assist – A support type that’s ready to assist. Places traps to weaken monsters and set up advantageous situations.
  • Fight – A support type that focuses on combat. Can become fur-ious, boosting its own attack and making it a fantastic fighting furball.
  • Bombardier – A support type with a penchant for blowing things up. Has high explosive power and can handle large bombs.
  • Gathering – A support type that can sniff out valuables. Highly suited to pilfering items and collecting quality materials

Now, when you’re just starting out, you should probably bring a healer Palico with you. Later on, when you get a feel for the game, you should switch over to a Palico that will battle alongside you. Assist is arguably the best choice, but a lot of people prefer Bombardier or Fight; test them out and see what works best for you. Obviously, if you’re out on a scavenging run, bring a Gathering Palico instead.

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