Pawprint Stamp Monster Hunter Rise

Pawprint Stamp is an item in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a crafting ingredient, like pretty much everything else in the game, and you’ll need it to craft and upgrade several different weapons. All of them are from the Felyne tree, which is a small hint towards the origin of the item. If you’re wondering how to get it, our Monster Hunter Rise Pawprint Stamp will show you.

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pawprint stamp monster hunter rise
Pawprint Stamp Monster Hunter Rise

How to Get Pawprint Stamp in MH Rise

The only way to get Pawprint Stamps is from Felynes and Melynxes – the former have a 14% chance of dropping it, the latter 20%. They’re the wild Lynians you find roaming the maps, and they appear in all areas. The most convenient way of finding them is to target the Melynx Gatherings. There’s one in each map, and you can find them by filtering the map icons to show them.

You’ll probably end up needing a relatively fat stack of prints, so it would be good to familiarize yourself with the different locations where Melynxes gather. The ones in Sandy Plains and Shrine Ruins are particularly easy to get to. There are also places around each area where the cat thieves gather unofficially – those are equally useful, so don’t be affraid of a little exploration.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons that use Pawprint Stamp

If you’re looking for Pawprint Stamps, chances are you already know of at least one weapon that requires them. All of the weapons that use this item as an ingredient come from the Felyne tree. Here’s a full list:

  • Catspaw
  • Cuddly Cat
  • Felyne Claws
  • Cat’s Curse
  • Catburglar
  • Felyne Fancy
  • Raging Claws

We’ll keep playing, and if we discover any more hard to obtain materials, we’ll be sure to write about them. If there’s something you’re having trouble finding and we haven’t covered it, feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll look into it.


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