MHR Sunbreak Large Wyvern Gem, How to Get & Use

Sunbreak is the newest DLC expansion pack to Monster Hunter Rise. Naturally, it has added plenty of new things into the game. These include a new area, new monsters to hunt, characters to interact with, armor to wear, and weapons to wield. Of course, in order to craft some of the most powerful gear in the game, you will also need to acquire the appropriate Master Rank materials. One of these is the Large Wyvern Gem. We are going to show you how to get and use the Large Wyvern Gem in MHR Sunbreak.

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MHR Sunbreak Large Wyvern Gem, How to Get & Use

How to Get Large Wyvern Gem Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You can get the Large Wyvern Gem in MHR from certain quests and by slaying certain monsters. These monsters have a chance to drop this material when you defeat them. Though, the chance of this happening is really low, which means that you may need to spend a lot of time farming for the Large Wyvern Gem until luck smiles on you and you manage to get enough of this rare material. In any case, here’s the full list of monsters that drop it:

  • Aurora Somnacanth.
  • Barioth.
  • Basarios.
  • Diablos.
  • Nargacuga.
  • Tobi-Kadachi.
  • Jyuratodus.
  • Khezu.
  • Somnacanth.
  • Tigrex.
  • Royal Ludroth.
  • Mizutsune.
  • Barroth.

How to Use Large Wyvern Gem in MH Rise Sunbreak

The Large Wyvern Gem is a Master Rank material, so you can use it to craft some very powerful gear. These weapons include Kamura Warrior Sword +, Kamura Warrior Ballista +, Guerrera Herald +, Kamura Warrior Glaive +, Valtos Rapier, Vendetta Hornsword, and the Blade of Tartarus, among others. The armors include Nargacuga Helm X, Tigrex Coil X, Skalda Elytra X, Scholarly Hood, Auroracanth Head, and Professor’s Jacket. It’s also used in several armor sets: Auroracanth Set, Skalda X Set, Tigrex X Set, Scholarly Set, Professor Set, and Nargacuga X Set.

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