Fall Guys Sweet Thieves, Win as Guardian or Thief

In our Fall Guys Sweet Thieves, Win as Guardian or Thief guide, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to win as both the Guardian and the Thief in this game mode. It is closely tied to the Fall Guys Abstergo Challenge, which has several tasks connected to the mode. So, with that said, let’s dive straight in.

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fall guys sweet thieves win as guardian or thief
Fall Guys Sweet Thieves, Win as Guardian or Thief

Win as Guardian in Sweet Thieves Fall Guys

To win in as a Guardian in Fall Guys Sweet Thieves, you have to capture all of the thieves and keep them all in the jail. To do that, you simply need to touch them, unless they’re already carrying a candy. If they are, then the first contact will knock the candy out of their hands, and then you have to touch them again to send them to jail.

Now, at the start of the round, it’s probably best for all Guardians to maintain their positions around the candies, and only move when they see a thief coming close. They are invisible when walking slowly, but when they run, you can see them fine enough. There’s no reason to abandon your post, since the thieves have to come to you. Later on, when you have a few of them in jail (about half, let’s say), then you can start hunting the thieves actively. However, one or two Guardians should then guarding the giant key button on the roof of the jail. Don’t step on it by accident.

Win as Thief in Sweet Thieves Fall Guys

To win as a Thief in Fall Guys Sweet Thieves, you need to gather all of the candies and bring them back to your side of the arena. You have to make sure that it lands in one of the holes, of course. However, you can pretty much just fling it in the general direction, and the shape of the goal should funnel them in.

At the beginning, when you’re approaching the candies, be patient and walk slowly so that you remain completely invisible. You will see the outlines of every other Thief the whole time. Only start running when you’ve grabbed a candy. Try to keep to the left side of the arena, since those moving “pillars” are a bit easier to dodge than the pinball paddles on the right. Getting candies is your mission #1; however, if the Guardians manage to catch about half of you, it’s time to try and release them. The jail has four launch pads at each corner that you can reach the roof and the key button.

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