Unlock Switch Skills Sunbreak Monster Hunter Rise

Sunbreak is a new DLC expansion for MHR. Of course, just like any expansion, it adds a whole lot of new stuff into the game. Things such as a brand new island to explore, characters to interact with, as well as new armor, weapons, and abilities to use against ever more powerful monsters. One of these additions are the Switch Skills. Using the Switch Skill Swap, you can, you guessed it, swap between different weapon skills. This is a very useful ability to have, but to use it, you will first need to unlock Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Here’s how.

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Unlock Switch Skills Sunbreak Monster Hunter Rise

How to Unlock Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Once you start Sunbreak, look for Master Utsushi at the Elgado Outpost. This is where you will then be able to unlock the Switch Skill Swap. However, note that you won’t have all skills immediately, and that you will need to first reach Master Rank 4 to get all weapon skills. Here’s the list of all weapons, their basic skill, and the Switch Skill:

  • Long Sword. Basic Skill: Special Sheathe combo. Switch Skill: Sacred Sheathe combo.
  • Sword and Shield. Basic Skill: Sword/Shield combo. Switch Skill: Twin Blade combo.
  • Great Sword. Basic Skill: Charging Slash combo. Switch Skill: Surge Slash combo.
  • Dual Blades. Basic Skill: Roundslash combo. Switch Skill: Slide Slash combo.
  • Hammer. Basic Skill: Spinning Bludgeon. Switch Skill: Spinning Bludgeon Charge.
  • Switch Axe. Basic Skill: Axe Wise Sweep. Switch Skill: 2-Staged Morph Slash combo.
  • Hunting Horn. Basic Skill: Crush Attack combo. Switch Skill: Swing combo.
  • Lance. Basic Skill: Guard Dash. Switch Skill: Shield Tackle.
  • Gunlance. Basic Skill: Wyrmstake Cannon. Switch Skill: Erupting Cannon.
  • Bow. Basic Skill: Melee attack. Switch Skill: Stake Thrust.
  • Light Bowgun. Basic Skill: Marksman. Switch Skill: Critical Firepower.
  • Heavy Bowgun. Basic Skill: Charged Shot. Switch Skill: Crouching Shot.
  • Charge Blade. Basic Skill: Phial Follow-up. Switch Skill: Phial Follow-up – Firing Pin.
  • Insect Glaive. Basic Skill: Jumping Advancing Slash. Switch Skill: Kinsect Slash.
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