Monster Hunter World Ancient Bones Locations

Ancient Bones are a type of crafting material in Monster Hunter World. They’re used in a lot of recipes, the most important of which in the early game is the Bone Armor Set. You’ll need a bunch of these if you want to craft this outfit, and finding them can be a pain. That’s why we’ve written this here guide with Monster Hunter World ancient bones locations.

Where to find Ancient Bones in MHW?

In order to find ancient bones, you’ll have to track down nodes known as bonepiles. When looted, they’ll yield a certain number of ancient bones each. There are two in sector 4, and one each in sectors 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 16 and 17. Once you’ve collected them, leave the area and return. They bonepiles will be replenished, and you’ll be able to loot them again. You’ll have the required amount in no time.

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The Bone Armor Set you’ll need these for is hands-down the best looking of the early outfits. It’s not very practical, as it leaves a lot of openings, but it does have a large horned skull for a helmet. That’s always a plus. You’ll replace it with something swankier and more protective soon enough, but it’ll linger in your memories for quite a bit longer.

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    You know the “second” bonepile in sec.4 is actually a mining outpost…

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