Monster Hunter World How to Increase Max Health

Max health is the amount of HP you can have in Monster Hunter World. In short, it’s what defines how much damage you can take before you die. It’s a pretty important stat, and many players like to have it as high as possible. There are several ways to increase it, but some people are still aren’t sure how to increase max health in Monster Hunter World.

monster hunter world how to increase max health
Monster Hunter World How to Increase Max Health

How to raise max HP in MHW?

In previous games, there were a bunch of ways to increase your max HP, like mega nutrients, ancient and max potions. They don’t seem to be available in MHW, though. Instead, there are two things you could do to improve your health and chances of survival.

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First of all, you could look for an armor set that increases max HP. You’ll have to sacrifice some other boost for this, though, like resistance to a specific type of damage, so it’s unclear how beneficial this really is. Maybe it’s better to have lower health but higher protection from a particular element?

The other way to improve your HP is strictly temporary – it’s eating. Stop by the canteen between missions and order a dish that increases your maximum health, and it’ll make you sturdier for a while. The downside is that you’ll have to repeat this process all the time if you want to keep the benefits.

These two are certain – there might be other ways to achieve the same effect, but we haven’t been able to confirm nor deny their presence. The various potions available in previous games might still appear at some point alter in MHW, after High Rank is unlocked or something like that. We’ll keep you posted and update this page with any HP boosters we discover.

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    Nutrients and Mega nutrients are a craftable items in Monster Hunter World

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    Secret/Ancient potions too.
    I think the Max Health is capped at 200, right?

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