MHW Annihilating Greathorn, Amber Hardfang, Obsidian Icetalon Locations - Fancy Beak

Obsidian icetalon, fancy beak, amber hardfang & annihilating greatehorn are new crafting materials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. All of them can only be obtained as monster drops, which means you’ll have to do some more killing. Some can only drop from a single kind of beast, which makes them particularly grueling to grind. If you can’t seem to get them no matter what you do, our MHW fancy beak, annihilating greathorn, amber hardfang, obsidian icetalon locations guide will help you.

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mhw annihilating greathorn fancy beak obsidian icetalon amber hardfang locations
MHW Annihilating Greathorn, Amber Hardfang, Obsidian Icetalon Locations – Fancy Beak

Annihilating Greathorn

There’s only one monster that can provide you with an annihilating greathorn. It’s the Ruiner Nergigante, the elder dragon from the Guided Lands. If the rarity wasn’t enough of a problem, you’ll have to break its horn for a chance to get it. Like the other elder dragons, the Ruiner Nergigante is weak to dragon weapons.

Amber Hardfang

Another exclusive item, the amber hardfang can only be obtained from a Barioth. You’ll find this nasty flying wyvern in Hoarfrost Reach, and you’ll have to break its head if you want the hardfang. Using a fire weapon will speed things up.

Obsidian Icetalon

The only beast that can be used as a source of obsidian icetalons is the Shrieking Legiana. Even the item’s description says as much. Luckily, you can both carve it and wait for it to drop as a reward, which should speed up the process somewhat. Bring a good fire weapon with you, and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Fancy Beak

You can only get this item from the Guided Lands. There are two beasts that drop it – the Yian Garuga and Scarred Yian Garuga. In order to get it, you’ll have to break their heads. Water weapons work best here, but dragon gear is also acceptable.


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