GreedFall Romance Guide - Companion Relationships

Companions in GreedFall are a very important part of the game, as is your relationship with them. Your companion relationships in GreedFall are going to shape a lot of interactions in the game, both with them and the world in general. And, of course, you can romance most of your companions in GreedFall. Two of them are straight, while two are bisexual. Of course, romancing them requires work and dedication. With that in mind, welcome to our GreedFall Romance Guide – Companion Relationships guide to give you some pointers for love.

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GreedFall Romance Guide - Companion Relationships
GreedFall Romance Guide – Companion Relationships

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll keep updating it as we discover more info.

How to Romance Companions in GreedFall?

To romance companions in GreedFall, you’ll have to complete their specific quests, and talk to the regularly. You’ll also have to make sure to say the right things at the right time. That’s all standard fare for RPG romances. However, GreedFall goes a step further than average; namely, you can make your desired partner angry relatively easily. This will happen if you do something that they don’t approve of in front of them. Note that this can go pretty far; if you really push your luck, you might push your companions to outright attack you. So, tread very carefully when trying to romance somebody from your crew.

You have four companions that you can romance: Kurt, Siora, Aphra, and Vasco. Which brings us to the next point: for certain companions, you have to be the right gender in order to woo them. Kurt and Aphra are straight, while Siora and Vasco are apparently bisexual. If you need it put more simply: female De Sardet can romance Kurt, male De Sardet can romance Aphra, and either can romance Vasco and Siora.

There are four bronze achievements tied to relationships in GreedFall: Guardian of Love (be in a relationship with Kurt), Minundhanem (be in a relationship with Siora), Love and Botany (be in a relationship with Aphra), and Love and the Sea (be in a relationship with Vasco). Oh, and one note that might disappoint some of you: there don’t seem to be any sex scenes in the game.

How do GreedFall Companion Relationships Work?

Like we’ve explained above, you can boost your Relationship Level with your companions by completing their personal quests, and making the right choices in dialogues. Also, don’t do stuff that will displease them while they’re around, or there will be consequences. There are several Relationship Levels for each companion, like Suspicious, Nice, Friendly, etc. You can see the status in the Companion menu, in the bottom left.

Every companion can grant you a specific bonus if you manage to get the relationship status up to Friendly. Petrus increases Charisma, Siora increases Vigor, Vasco increases Intuition, Kurt increases Craftsmanship, and Aphra increases Science. Basically, all of them boost a stat that corresponds to their area of expertise.

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