Monster Hunter World Armor Sets Showcased At Preview Event

Half the joy in Monster Hunter games is getting your hands on some shiny new gear. Weapons are useful and all that, but the outfits are what’s really important. A recent preview event for Monster Hunter World gave us a chance to check out some of the armor sets it’s going to have. We saw a dozen or so costumes, and they all looked amazing. They can all be crafted at the forge once you unlock them, but you’ll need a bunch of materials for each.

monster hunter world armor sets showcase
Monster Hunter World Armor Sets Showcased At Preview Event

Visiting the forge will let you preview the armor before crafting it, so you don’t have to commit to something if it doesn’t suit your tastes. The first few sets are just basic stuff you can craft from whatever you find laying around, while the others require materials from specific beasts. The leather armor consists of a simple jacket and pants, with a leather vest and bracers for added protection. A pair of goggles is all the headgear you’ll get from it.

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The chainmail offers better protection, with a sturdy suit and a proper helmet. Both look pretty simple, but when you get to the hunter armor, that’s when the visual splendor starts. This set comes with a leather cape and fur shoulder pads, as well as some kind of scaly headband. The bone armor is pretty revealing, but it does allow you to wear a horned monster skull as a helmet.

Those are the simple ones – after that, the gear starts getting more and more elaborate, with spiked helmets, massive pauldrons, ornate chestplates and such. Materials range from metal and leather to chitin and scales – pretty much anything you kill can be turned into a suit of armor. You’ll probably want to amass as many outfits as you can, since they’ll offer you different benefits.

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