Monster Hunter World Squads Work as Guilds or Clans

Squads in Monster Hunter World are this game’s version of guilds or clans. They are invite-based, and allow for much easier partnering up. As a squad member, you get access to member-only online session, you can send messages for other members to read, and so on. You can be a member of a maximum of eight squads at a time.

Monster Hunter World Squads Work as Guilds or Clans
Monster Hunter World Squads Work as Guilds or Clans

If you’re planning to partner up with friends to play Monster Hunter World (and why wouldn’t you), the game has you covered. In the new Monster Hunter, you’ll be able to form squads, which will help you get together and go hunting together. The squads work exactly like guilds or clans do in other games. The squads in Monster Hunter World are invite-based. So, if you want to be a member of a squad, you either have to be invited in, or create one of your own.

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When forming a squad, you’ll have the option to name it and create a squad icon. There, you can customize two layers. The first layer will be something from Monster hunter, such as weapons, eggs, and so on. The second layer is a shape which serves as a background, essentially. You’ll also be able to select the color of both layers. When you join a squad, the icon will appear next to the name of your character. Also, the squad name and icon will appear on your guild card.

Once you become a member of a Monster Hunter World squad, you’ll get access to member-only sessions in the Gathering Hub. You can also leave messages for other members of your squad, which they can read when they come online. One squad can house up to fifty people, and you can be a member of up to eight squads at the same time. You can toggle which one is active.

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