Monster Hunter World Bauble Cactus Locations - Prickly Predicament

Bauble Cactus is one of the ingredients that can be collected in Monster Hunter World. It’s the flower of a particular cactus plant, and it can be found in the barren terrain of Wildspire Waste. There’s a certain quest that requires you to get twenty pieces of it, and it’s called Prickly Predicament. If you’re having trouble finding them, keep reading and we’ll show you some Monster Hunter World bauble cactus locations.

monster hunter world prickly predicament quest
Monster Hunter World Bauble Cactus Locations – Prickly Predicament

Prickly Predicament Quest

Prickly Predicament is a three star quest that requires you to be at least HR 3. In it, the laid-back botanist asks you to bring him 20 units of Bauble Cactus. When you complete it, you’ll be rewarded with 1080 zenny, and you’ll unlock a new botanical research.

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Where to find bauble cactus in MHW?

monster hunter world bauble cactus locations

The cacti can be found in Wildspire Waste. The problem stems from the fact that the nodes holding them have different names. What you should be looking for are material deposits called Round Cactus. They can be found in sectors 4, 8, 9 and 10. You’ll be able to loot each one thrice, but one round of the map still won’t yield enough. Since they respawn in real time, you can wait for the deposits to replenish, or you can teleport away then come back.

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  1. P

    Hi there, just did this quest, and found that there’s a cactus section in Area 6 that has multiple Round Cacti to harvest. Might be a great help for anyone struggling to find those last few after hitting up areas 4, 9 and 10.

  2. B

    I was just farming one over and over but got tired of waiting for it to respawn so I figured I’d look up the locations of some other ones. Thanks for saving me a bit of time, haha.

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    thanks for the article. Easy Quest, just farmed for 9 and 10 to win. thanks for the Intel

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