Monster Hunter World Beta Contents Detailed, Date Confirmed

We already knew Monster Hunter World will be having a beta party in early December, but now we have some idea about what to expect. The beta will be available only to Playstation 4 owners, and only those with an active PS Plus subscription. It’s scheduled to start on December 9th, and it’s going to last at least three days. More info on the scheduling should be available soon, but in the meantime, scroll down and take a look at what the package will contain.

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You will be allowed to play through the beta content either alone, or with up to three friends. Two locations have been confirmed – Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste. The first is vast woodland filled with all kinds of flora, with a giant tree in the middle of it, overlooking the entire area. The latter is a mix of desert/badlands and swamps, with oases springing up around watering holes.

Across those two areas, you’ll get to try your luck hunting three different beasts – a Great Jagras, an Anjanath and a Barroth. The Jagras is somewhere between the frog and the T-Rex. It’s a predator that swallows prey whole, and it seldom strays far from a pack of its minions. They’re known to go out of control when hungry, and can be found in the forest. The Anjanath is an uncomfortable mix of scales and fur, a velociraptor with a bearskin vest. It also lives in the woods, which it wanders in search of prey. It enjoys feeding on Aptonoth, which probably means you can use them as bait. Finally, the Barroth lives in the wastes and feeds on ants. It may look docile, but is in fact a formidable opponent. They’re known for their charging attacks and their fondness of flinging mud at enemies.

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